Yako Izidor Yakov the first time he was arrested

This photo of me was taken in 1941 in Ruse. When I was arrested the first time, I was dressed like that. During our free time my friends and I were involved in illegal activities in Ruse; all the more important anti-fascist activities in Ruse were organized and performed with our participation. As I mentioned I was one of the activists together with Izidor Ayzner. He worked for the cause in ?Maccabi? and I in ?Hashomer Hatzair.? At that time we became atheists. In 1941 when the Holocaust began, I was sent to forced labor camps and knew little about my sisters Sara Yako Samoilova and Beya Mushon Melamed. Later I became a partisan, after 9th September 1944. I was very involved in my job and when my sisters left for Israel, I lost contact with them.