Yako Izidor Yakov during a Pesach celebration

This is me during a Pesach celebration. The photo was taken on 14th Nissan, the 27th March 2002 in Ruse. My father was not very religious, but he observed all Jewish religious holidays. He had a tallit and prayer books. And my mother Roza Mushon Samoilova, nee Melamed (1895 - 1984), went from time to time to WIZO. She was not one of the activists, she preferred staying at home. Naturally she was not very religious. Like my parents, I too was not religious. During our free time my friends and I were involved in illegal activities in Ruse; all the more important anti-fascist activities in Ruse were organized and performed with our participation. I was one of the activists together with Izidor Ayzner. He worked for the cause in Maccabi and I in Hashomer Hatzair. At that time we became atheists. But this doesn?t mean that I didn't respect the Jewish holidays. Just the opposite. Even now my son, Plamen Yako Yakov, is chairman of the Regional Shalom Organization in Ruse.