The weekend house of Vera Farkas’ family at lake Balaton

When I was a teenager, my father bought a holiday home in Agard.

They were called duplex houses, because there were two identical houses together, one of them was ours, and the other one was Uncle Imre's [father's brother's]. They were in the same courtyard.

They had a small main room, a verandah, and a small kitchen. Then we used to go there regularly, so that we always went out to grandmothers for no more than two or three weeks [to Kallosemjen].

In 1942 already, I think I went to some relative as an apprentice and I passed through Agard by train. And it was written at many places that there was no admittance for dogs and Jews. I think I wrote then:

"It is good that we no longer have summer holidays there, because there is a sign on the lido, with letters large enough to be seen from miles, saying: Jewish Lido."

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