The wedding picture of Miklos and Szeren Farkas, Vera’s parents

My parents’ wedding. [My parents] wedding was in 1920 in Kallosemjen, it was held at their place, in the courtyard of their house.

They had a marriage arranged by a so-called shadchen [match-maker], my mother was paired up with my father, and then a great and beautiful love emerged from it. They came to Pest in 1922.

My father was born in 1887. In 1904 he moved to Pest, and became a merchant's apprentice, and then he was sent to school from there, and he completed some kind of commercial course.

He began with textiles; he was in Kiraly Street at some sort of a textile merchant's, then he went elsewhere. At that time, at the beginning of the 1900s, working hours were from 7 in the morning until half past ten; he was exploited.

His life in the prewar times was not a characteristically Jewish life, but rather a worker's life. He joined the Social Democratic Party.

Then, in the end, when he had been fired from everywhere because of his activities in the working class movement and in the trade union, he found employment at the 'Hangya' General Consumer's Co-operative. There he dealt with spices and such.

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