Laci Fulop, Vera’s cousins, in Paris

Laci Fulop, Vera’s cousins, in Paris

These are my cousins, the children of one of my mother´s sisters aunt Gizi.

She got married and in 38 they emigrated, her husband was a tailor and he couldn’t find work here and they went to Paris.They lived there until her husband died there.

He died under normal circumstances [i.e. before the Holocaust]. I remember we visited aunt Gizi once after the war. Her daughter Anna married a Jew called Mihaly Klein [in Paris].

They had two children and she was a housewife. Her children live in Israel but we don’t keep in touch with them.

She is alive somewhere, I think but I have no idea where. Gizi’s son Laci participated in the resistance movement [during WWII] and he was executed as a resistance fighter.

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