Vera’s first husband in forced labor

Vera’s first husband in forced labor

My first husband in forced labor.

[In 1943] the news spread that girls would be taken, but women would not. I had a sweetheart, and we got married quickly. He was a Jewish boy, but we had only a civil wedding.

He got a week furlough - he was in forced labor at the time - then he was taken away. He was called Laszlo Schwartz, then he became Laszlo Solyom in 1949.

He was born in 1921, and was from Pest. He learnt tailoring, but he couldn't get anywhere with it. Then [after the war] he became a doctor. He had a fantastic head on his shoulders, he completed the university courses one year early, with excellent results.

He was at the neurological clinic in Pest. [After the war] my husband [Laszlo] and I didn't live together any more because we had divorced by then. That forced love disappeared and we divorced in 1945, I think.

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