Certificate and ID for Vera on her release from Mauthausen

This is a document that proves that I was freed in Mauthausen and that I can leave.

It shows that I was in Mauthausen between November 1944 and Ma 1945. In reality I was in Wels bt administratively this belonged to Mauthausen this is why I have this document issued in Mauthausen.

I was deported because there was a small family fashion store in Erkel Street, but at the time a Jew could no longer own a business, but my father had an old customer whose name was also Farkas, he was Christian, and they ran the business together.

Having a strohman [nominal partner], it was called then. He hid me, when they started gathering Jewish girls to be taken away. And then the news spread that girls would be taken, but women would not. I had a sweetheart, and we got married quickly.

He was a Jewish boy, but we had only a civil wedding. He got a week furlough - he was in forced labor at the time - then he was taken away. Not long after my wedding, women began to be gathered up, just as the girls had been. And then I went there [to the shop], and the strohman hid me.

In November we had to leave the yellow-star house, and I said I would go home for a day to help mum to pack, and then I would come back. The Arrow Cross men came just then, so I couldn't go back.

I was deported. It was the regular route: brick factory, Kophaza, Waldhausen, Gunsekirchen, I was liberated in Wels.

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