Vera Farkas with her cousins

Vera Farkas with her cousins

This is my cousin [my father’s brother Adolf’s daughter] and her husband and me in Agard.

My father bought a little weekend house there. It was a tiny house, one room, veranda, small kitchen. It was called a semi-detached hosue because there were two identical yellow houses. One was ours, the other belonged to uncle Imre [father’s brother]. They were in the same courtyard.

My cousin Anna Farkas’s [father] Adolf became a timber-merchant, too. In 1919 he also did something as an agricultural something-or-other during the Commune [The brief Communist regime in 1919].

They wanted to catch him, and he left for Vienna. Quite soon he lined his pocket, and became a wealthy merchant. His daughter went to an institute in Switzerland.

In 1938 when they came in [the Germans to Austria, at the Anschluss], he managed to come home with the last train. He came back home and the following day he rented an apartment somewhere in Budapest; he bought a typing machine, seated his daughter in front of it and the first thing he did was to announce:

"I have relocated my business to Budapest", and life began anew. And within one year he became really wealthy.

Anna was older than I. I must have been around 15 when she got married. She didn`t do anything, she didn’t work. Her husband was called Balazs Weisz, then he magyarized to Vitez.

He was a good-for-nothing. Whether he died or they divorced, I don’t know. She survived the war and came back and aunt Helen [father’s sister] saved the life of her son. She now lives in Israel.

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