Vera Farkas with her second husband Andor

My second husband and me. I remarried, to Andor Gero, whom I got to know in the deportation, in Kophaza.

His group was taken there too. Before the war he was a leather goods maker. He was Jewish too, but our wedding was again only a civil service.

After the war he became a great communist, and he worked in the city hall as some kind of a departmental head there, but then he had some messy case and he was dismissed. After that he did some sort of manual work.

We lived together until 1957, and I have a daughter from him; her name is Judit. She graduated from the University of Economics, the evening faculty, while she was at home on maternity leave.

She has two children, one of them goes to university and the other to college. She is divorced too, she had a Christian husband.

[After the war] for a while I sewed at home for relatives and acquaintances, because I had to make money. Then I got into the Gundel restaurant as an official, from there I went to the catering department of district 7 as an official, and I retired from there.

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