The wedding of Raphael Vecsler

In this picture you can see: first from the left is Martin Reinisch, my daughter-in-law's father, next to him my son Raphael Vecsler, then my husband Solomon Vecsler. The photo was taken in the synagogue in Bucharest, where Felicia Reinisch and Raphael were married by Rabbi Moses Rosen. The wedding took place in 1974. The men had to sit on the left side, and the women on the right. Hava Naghila was sung, and at the party that followed there was of course kosher food. Raphael studied Journalism in Bucharest, and that's where he met Felicia; I don?t know the exact circumstances. After the wedding, my son and his wife moved to Brasov, and my husband and I moved there as well in 1975 because we didn't want to stay in Botosani alone. Raphael has two daughters, Manuela Czeizler and Karina Vecsler. They are still religious, they go to the synagogue on the high holidays, they observe Sabbath, but they aren?t fanatically religious.

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