Louiza Vecsler's ketubbah

This is the ketubbah from my wedding received from Solomon Vecsler in 1945. The ceremony took place in my parents? house and the rabbi came to hold the celebration there. It mattered to me that Solomon was a Jew, I don?t think I would have married a Christian. I met my husband after I finished my studies. He worked for an expropriated chemist's shop, just like I had done, but nobody said anything to its owners [at the time of the anti-Jewish-laws]. We met by chance: one of his colleagues set up a deposit with pharmaceutical supplies, and we met there. We had two children, Raphael born in 1946 and Nadia in 1949. We raised our children in the Jewish tradition: we observed Sabbath, said blessings on Friday evenings, observed Purim and Chanukkah and all the other high holidays. Of course, on Sabbath me and my husband had to work, but we celebrated it at home. We followed the kashrut as best we could, with separate pots for milk and meat products. We only went to the synagogue on high holidays.

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Louiza Vecsler