Tobias Blumenfeld

This is a photo of my brother Tobias Blumenfeld, or Tobi as we called him, when he was in high school. It was taken in Botosani in the 1920s. He was younger than me, he was born in 1912. I got along well with all my brothers and sisters, we always played together, or picked sour cherries in the garden. But we also fought a lot, like all children do. I remember Tobi and I, when we were older, read a magazine, Lectura, which was out once or twice a month. [Lectura - Passage was a literary magazine, which published literary works by different authors.] We bought it both, until my mother or father - I don't remember who exactly - caught us reading the same issue of the same magazine, and they got upset: 'Why are you reading the same magazine?' I knew Tobi bought the same magazine, and he also knew I did; but we wanted to be able to read from it whenever we wanted; we didn't want to share it. My parents threatened they would cut off our allowance. Tobi died in Botosani in 1937.

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Louiza Vecsler