The wedding of Manuela Czeizler

This is a photo of my granddaughter, Manuela Czeizler's wedding in 2002. It took place in Brasov, in the synagogue. This picture was taken in the canteen of the synagogue. The ones you can see in the photo are: in the first row from the left is Martin Reinisch and his wife Germaine Reinisch, Manuela's maternal grandparents, the in-laws of my son. They are also Jewish. Next to them is an aunt of Felicia Vecsler, my daughter-in-law, and after her that's me. The woman in white on the right in the back row is my granddaughter Manuela Czeizler, and her husband Andrei Czeizler. Next to Andrei is Karina Vecsler, Manuela?a sister, then Felicia Vecsler, nee Reinisch, my son's wife, my daughter Nadia Vecsler, my son Raphael Vecsler. It was a beautiful wedding, but some of the traditions have changed. For example, when my son got married, the mother of the bride gave wine to the groom, and I, the mother of the groom, gave wine to the bride. The ceremony at Manuela's wedding was shorter, there was nothing like that.