Wedding photo of Louiza and Solomon Vecsler

This is a picture of me and my husband, Solomon Vecsler, in 1945, when we got married. The wedding took place in my parents?courtyard in Botosani, and a rabbi came to our home to conduct the celebration. I still have the ketubbah. All the family, from his side and my side was invited, and there was a party. I first met my husband, Solomon Vecsler, after I had finished my studies. He worked as a pharmacist as well. He worked for an expropriated chemist's shop, but nobody said anything to its owners [at the time of the anti-Jewish-laws]. We met by chance: one of his colleagues set up a deposit with pharmaceutical supplies, and we met there. We married in 1945. I think it mattered to me that my husband was a Jew; I don't think I would have married a Romanian. My husband was a gentle man, and very obliging. He helped everybody in the chemist's shop. I remember there was a young pharmacist from Cluj [Napoca], who had been assigned to Botosani. My husband looked after her a lot, taught her how to prepare different things. We had two children, Raphael born in 1946 and Nadia in 1949, and we worked in the same chemist's shop since 1946. We moved to Brasov in 1975 because our children had settled here and we didn't want to be alone.

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Louiza Vecsler