Ernestina Rufenstein

Here you can see my older sister, Ernestina Rufenstein, nee Blumenfeld. She was in high school in Botosani when this picture was taken, and she was wearing the scouts? uniform. She was the eldest of us - we were eight siblings altogether - and that's why she usually took care of us, the small ones. I remember on Yom Kippur, when she had to fast, she was the one who took care that we, the small ones, ate. She was the only one old enough to fast by then, I think she was 14. After high school she became a translator, and in 1964 she married a Jew from Botosani called Rufenstein, and emigrated to Australia. She lived in Melbourne, and her husband was an accountant, I think. We kept in touch, by means of letters. She died there, in Melbourne, in 1978.

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Louiza Vecsler