The wedding photo of Georgi and Lili Yulzari

This is the wedding photo of my brother's second son Georgi and his wife Lili Yulzari. The wedding took place in 1979. My brother Sami lived with his family in Bourgas. Georgi was named after Sami's wife's brother, who once accompanied Sami to do some kind of work in severely cold weather. As a result of that he fell ill with meningitis and died. Therefore my brother and my sister-in-law gave his name to their younger son. Georgi is also tall and blond, he resembles our kin. He married Lili, a miner's daughter. Now they live in Israel. They have two children. Their elder daughter is called Maria and their son is Plamen. Maria is currently a soldier in Jerusalem. My brother has two daughters-in-law. They are good girls and they work hard. I love them very much and they also respect me. Last year they invited me to Israel. They are all Israeli citizens.