Suzana and Jack Aslan

Suzana Aslan, nee Ashkenazi, or Tanchi as everybody used to call her. She is daughter of my aunt Ana Ashkenazi, nee Yulzari, my father's sister. She got married to Jack Aslan. The picture was taken in a studio in Israel in the 1950s and was sent to us from there. Suzana's younger brother Jack, a glazier, provided for her. According to the tradition a dowry was prepared for the girls. This was Jack's responsibility and he did his best to help arrange marriages for all his sisters. The family didn't have many financial opportunities to educate the children and Tanchi had only an elementary school education. She had an arranged meeting with her husband, after which they married. Her husband was from Varna and they got married there.The picture was taken in a studio in Varna on 25th June 1939. Her husband worked as an accountant in Bulgaria. I have no information where she was interned during the Holocaust. In 1948 they left for Israel, like all Tanchi's brothers and sisters. Tanchi died in Israel. She has one daughter, whose name is Liza. She was born in Israel and currently lives in Beer Sheva. I met her when I visited Israel last year. Tanchi was my favorite cousin, a very kind, warm and good-hearted person. Liza turned out to be just like her.