Bohor Beraha's family

This is my uncle Bohor Beraha's family: he is pictured with his wife Mazal, their two boys Lazar, to the right and Fiko, to the left, and their daughter Stella, in the middle. The picture was taken after my birth [1925]. They were photographed probably in front of their house, in Yambol or Plovdiv. My mother and her brother Bohor are from Yambol. I have no memories of my grandparents. I know only that my grandfather's name was Rafael Beraha. A grandson was named after him. My mother's family was a poor one. My mother had two brothers: Bohor and David, and a sister Carolina. Fiko lives now in Israel. Lazar died very young. They lived in Plovdiv, and before that they used to live in Yambol. I was born in their house.