Vesselin Yulzari's wedding

The picture was taken in Bourgas in 1975. This is the wedding of my brother Sami's son Vesselin Yulzari. My brother and his youngest son Slavei are on the left and the woman on the right is my brother's wife Mitka. Vesselin married Rossitsa from Meden Roudnik, a quarter in Bourgas. Currently he lives in Israel. He has two boys - Deyan and Philip. Deyan serves in the Israeli army. The younger son Philip is still here; although they had permission to leave for Israel, they decided to stay because his wife is pregnant and they are expecting a baby. I visited Israel in 2000. My nephews Vesselin and Rossitsa sent me the ticket and organized my stay there. When I was a teacher in the village of Nevestino, my brother was a soldier in the Bourgas district. My mother and my father were extremely limited financially and nobody supported him by sending letters or parcels. Then he became friends with Mitka. She was a native of the village he used to serve in. Later he married her.