Sara Siton's wedding

This is a photo of my sister Sara Siton's wedding. The photo was taken at the entrance of the Zulfaris Synagogue in Istanbul in 1953. Apart from my sister, you can also see our parents, Ezra and Feride Bozo in the picture. My sister Sara was born in Urfa in 1926. She met her husband Murat Siton in Israel and got engaged there but they came here to get married at the Zulfaris Synagogue and then they left for Israel. She has two daughters, Freide and Deniz, and one son, Eli. It wasn't easy for my mother to raise seven to eight children. After she married them off, visits to the respective families started, and then came the grandchildren and more visits. She would spend all her time with the family. We had a very nice 'neighborly life' in Urfa. We spent our free time visiting our neighbors or being visited by them. It was a sweet life.

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