Feride Strulik's wedding

This picture was taken at the wedding of my niece, Feride Bozo, in Israel, but I don?t know exactly where or when. From left ro right: my sister Salha Mizrahi's daughter Frida Mizrahi, my sister Adel Bozo's daughters Miryam Bozo and Feride (or Frida), the bride, and my sister Salha's son, my nephew, Ezra Mizrahi. Frida took the last name ?Strulik? after getting married. My sister Adel was born in Urfa in 1914. She married my uncle's son in Aleppo. Adel and her husband went to Israel after they got married. My brother-in-law is dead. My sister is 90 today. There is a very big Bozo family in Israel. If you say 'Boz' in Israel, no-one will understand because everybody knows us as Bozo. My sister has three sons and two daughters: Rafi, Moshe and Ezra are her sons; and Miryam and Frida are her daughters. Salha was born in Urfa in 1922. She was married to my brother-in-law, Saya Mizrahi. She lost her husband when she was very young, in 1956. One of her sons, Ezra Bozo Mizrahi, lives in Israel. He is one of the rich and renowned families in Israel. Salha died in 1996. Ezra's wedding took place in September 2004. They invited me to the wedding and when Ezra said, 'You are like a father to me,' I had to go of course.

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