Amira Mizrahi's wedding

This is a picture of the wedding ceremony of my sister's daughter, Amira Mizrahi. I don?t know her name in marriage. The two other people in the photo are her parents, my brother-in-law Saya Mizrahi and my sister Salha Mizrahi. The photo was taken in Israel in the 1960s. My sister Salha was born in Urfa in 1922. She was married to my brother-in-law, Saya Mizrahi. She lost her husband when she was very young, in 1956. One of her sons, Ezra Bozo Mizrahi, lives in Israel. He is one of the rich and renowned families in Israel. Salha died in 1996. Ezra's wedding took place in September 2004. They invited me to the wedding and when Ezra said, 'You are like a father to me,' I had to go of course.

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