Moshe and Ezra Bozo

This is a photo of my nephews Moshe and Ezra, the children of my sister Adel Bozo. The photo was taken in Urfa in 1950. On the back of the photo it says: Our dear neighbor Mrs. Feride; this is a photo of Adel's children Moshe and Ezra. We are sending it to you as a souvenir. My sister Adel was born in Urfa in 1914. She married my uncle's son in Aleppo. Adel and her husband went to Israel after they got married. My brother-in-law is dead. My sister is 90 today. There is a very big Bozo family in Israel. If you say 'Boz' in Israel, no-one will understand because everybody knows us as Bozo. My sister has three sons and two daughters: Rafi, Moshe and Ezra are her sons; and Miryam and Frida are her daughters.

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