Harun Bozo at work

This is a picture of me at work, when I was in the electronic commerce business. The photo was taken in Istanbul in 1995. After I finished the St. Benoit Lycee, I served in the military. After military service, I came back to Istanbul, I started my business life with my father and our partner, Lazar Adut in 1950. We were in the haberdashery business. The economic situation in the country had not been great until 1950, but then things started to get better and businesses thrived. We started to earn money and slowly we prospered. We got a good reputation in the market. In 1953, my brothers Yakup and Musa Boz, a friend of ours, Sabetay Siva and I bought the apartment we still live in in Nisantasi as partners. I consider life to be very difficult. If you are too sensitive you suffer a lot. You would like to do everything perfectly but you can't. Most people don't care about life, it doesn't affect them. Unfortunately I'm sensitive and I don't want anyone to be hurt. That's why I've had difficulties in life. I've transmitted my philosophy of life to my children: to be very honest, to be hardworking and, most important of all, to have confidence in oneself. Self-confidence is 99 percent of success. The kids sometimes tease me, telling me: be honest, be correct and have confidence in yourself. I like working. My wife Sara thinks as I do and says the kids should continue to do what they see from us.

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