Feride Bozo

This is a photo of my mother Feride Bozo. The photo was taken at a summer house in Buyukada [the biggest of the Princes? Islands in the Sea of Marmara] in 1952 or 1953. My mother was my father's second wife. She was born in Aleppo in 1884. Her maiden name was Acem. She had had a Judaic religious education. She spoke Arabic and was a housewife. My mother was a very calm, docile and quiet woman. She would never shout. She made life in Urfa very sweet for us. She raised our elder sisters, too. My mother cooked wonderful meals. That was life for women in Urfa. She and my sisters would cook and clean all day long. My mother spent all her time doing the housework. My mother would dress very neatly. It wasn't easy to raise seven to eight children. After she married them off, visits to the respective families started, and then came the grandchildren and more visits. She would spend all her time with the family. We had a very nice 'neighborly life' in Urfa. We spent our free time visiting our neighbors or being visited by them. It was a sweet life. In summer we used to go to Buyukada. All my friends were there, too.

Photos from this interviewee