Salvator Levi, Sami Sadikario and Avram Sadikario in Sofia

This is my brother Sami and I in 1942 in Sofia, where he was being treated for a nerve condition. After his visit to the hospital in Sofia my brother was cured of his condition. While he was in the hospital I lived in a private apartment in a Jewish building in Sofia. While we were in Sofia we had to wear the Jewish pins that we were obligated to wear in Bitola. The Jews in Bulgaria wore the same ones. He worked as a cobbler for the partisans. He did this illegal work in a basement workshop in Bitola. My brother Sami was a very small, gentle, good person. I loved him a lot. Shlomo I did not like so much, but Sami I loved a lot. I named my son, Sami, after him. I could have named my son Avram, but instead I gave him my brother's name.