Avram Sadikario and other Jews from Bitola in Sofia

This picture was taken in Sofia in 1941. From left to right: I, Leon Aruesti, Salvo Levi, Niko Pardo, Isak Levi. The Levi brothers and I were underground together. Everything that I experienced they experienced. The others were trudovaci. Jews did not go into the regular army, they only went to work, a work group was called trudovaci. They came to Sofia and visited us. Salvo and I hid together. He became a doctor and Isak an engineer. Salvo was a great doctor and knew a lot about medicine. He was not the head of the gynecology, but he was a good organizer. He created a system whereby students could get a good balance of practical experience and theory. And his method was accepted by the faculty. Salvo died in the Skopje earthquake in 1963. Niko Pardo was very rich. His father was a saraf, a money changer. Everything we gave to our Hashomer Hatzair kvutza he gave double. After he gave he still had some for himself. When we caught him with extra money we reprimanded him and he would give even more money. He always had money. He was rich, but he did not live in the rich section of town. He lived in a la Tabane. He was a student before the war and after the war he went to Israel where he lived in a village as a farmer. When I was in Israel I visited him. He never came back to visit Macedonia. Today he still is in Israel but very ill. Leon Aruesti was born in Bitola and killed in Treblinka. His father was a famous participant in the Ilindenski Uprising in Macedonia. He worked with his father as a bakalin, a grocer, in Bitola before the war.