Avram Sadikario and his wife Dzamila Kolonomos

This is a picture of my wife, Dzamila Kolonomos, and myself on our front porch. It was taken in 2005. We have spent a lifetime sitting here talking and remembering. I retired in 1984. At first I went to the clinic everyday, then every second day, every third day and now I go once a week on Fridays. These days I wake up early at around 6-7pm, nap at 12 noon and go to bed early at about 9pm. But I do not go to sleep until 12; I read for three hours every night. Right now I am reading Nietzsche. Dzamila and I speak in Macedonian and in Ladino. My children learned Ladino but they have forgotten some of it. When they were little we spoke to them in Ladino but when they began school they started to forget. They speak as if they are foreigners.