Avram Sadikario and friends from Macedonia in Sofia

This picture was taken in Sofia in the 1940s. From left to right: Isak Levi, Salvo Levi, I, Aseo (first name unknown) The Levi brothers , Aseo and I are all from Bitola, but we are pictured here in Sofia. Aseo was interrned in Ruso and was meant to be sent to Treblinka. But since there were no more transports he survived. He was liberated from Ruso after some time. You see that he has white hair. All his hair went white after two weeks in the camps. After he got out of the camps he went underground with us. He studied philosophy and after the war he went to Israel. Salvo and I hid together. He became a doctor and Isak an engineer. Salvo was a great doctor and knew a lot about medicine. He was not the head of the gynecology, but he was a good organizer. He created a system whereby students could get a good balance of practical experience and theory. And his method was accepted by the faculty. Salvo died in the Skopje earthquake in 1963.