Avram Sadikario's poetry notebooks

These notebooks are where I write all my poetry. In fact this collection of little books is my most valued treasure. I started writing when I was still a school kid. Then I wrote articles not poetry. I wrote poetry for a long time, but I didn't publish my work. It was more for me. I don't know how people found out, but when they did they wanted to publish my works. Especially one very famous poet named Kotevski. I published my work under his supervision. Some of my books I published and some were published by others, including the Macedonian-Israeli Friendship Society. This society was established about ten years ago by Dejanov. He was a doctor, a scientist and a great professor. We were friends. I have been a member of the society for ten years already. I have published eight books. And I am still writing. I wrote one collection in Ladino, translated it into Macedonian and then Serbian. I received a prize from the Jewish Community in Belgrade for this. The collection was in honor of 3,000 years of Jerusalem. I wrote it in Ladino, but no one in Belgrade knew enough to translate it, so they told me to do it. I translated it into Macedonian but no one knew Macedonian, so I needed to translate it into Serbian.



Avram Sadikario