Avram Sadikario at work writing poetry

My true passion is writing poetry. I have published over eight books until now and have more to put on paper. Here I am sitting at my work table in my room. My wife, Dzamila, does not like me to bring guests into this room because it is very untidy. But now she is on the porch and does not know that I am showing you my special space. I started writing when I was still a school kid. Then I wrote articles not poetry. I wrote poetry for a long time, but I didn't publish my work. It was more for me. I don't know how people found out, but when they did they wanted to publish my works. Especially one very famous poet named Kotevski. I published my work under his supervision. Some of my books I published and some were published by others, including the Macedonian-Israeli Friendship Society. This society was established about ten years ago by Dejanov. He was a doctor, a scientist and a great professor. We were friends. I have been a member of the society for ten years already. I have published eight books. And I am still writing. I wrote one collection in Ladino, translated it into Macedonian and then Serbian. I received a prize from the Jewish Community in Belgrade for this. The collection was in honor of 3,000 years of Jerusalem. I wrote it in Ladino, but no one in Belgrade knew enough to translate it, so they told me to do it. I translated it into Macedonian but no one knew Macedonian, so I needed to translate it into Serbian.