Piroska Hamos' relatives

This picture must have been taken before 1914, because this man with the moustache (back row, right) is my father-in-law, Mor Hahn, and next to him is my mother-in-law, Morne Hahn. At the front left, is one of the sisters of my mother-in-law, Aunty Jeta. Next to her is my Mom's younger sister, little Linka. The picture was taken by Zsigmond Kertesz, Aunty Linka's husband. It must have been taken in Abbazia, or somewhere like that, where people with tuberculosis went for treatment, because my husband, Imre's father, also had tuberculosis, and Zsigmond also had it and they probably went together. We are somehow related, maybe through my grandfather. My husband's grandfather, Jakab Kohn, and my Grandmother on my mother's side Antonia Kohn, were brother and sister. This is Mor Hahn. I think he was born near to Szeged, in Szentivanypuszta in 1873. He was some sort of copy editor in a print works. He died in 1914, of lung problems. He was a socialist. He lived in Budapest. My mother-in-law told me a story about him once: that there were some so-called 'awakening Hungarians' demonstrating. They lived upstairs and her husband emptied a child's potty onto them from the window. I never asked my husband about him, because he couldn't remember either, as he was still a child when he died. My mother-in-law, Eva Kohn, was born in 1872 in Nagypeszek. Before she got married, she worked as a diamond polisher, but that's just what I heard; I don't know any more about her. Aunty Linka lived in Budapest. She married Zsigmond Kertesz, one of the brothers of my mother-in-law. I only saw her husband once, he died very early of lung problems. They had a daughter. Her husband's sister, Jeta, also became a widow very early, and she lived with them in Buda. She didn't work. She took care of Aunty Linka's daughter, and spoiled her, she didn't raise her very well. Aunty Linka was still alive at the outset of the war. During the war; she was in the ghetto with her daughter. She remarried, but by the time I came back [from the deportation], both she and her husband were dead. She died during the war. Exactly how and when, I don't know. But she died in Budapest.

Photos from this interviewee