Piroska Hamos

This picture of me, was taken when I was pregnant with Judit, because I remember this dress from that time. According to this, it must have been in 1935. This is the house in Matyasfold. I gave birth to Judit in the clinic in Baross Street. With Marika I was inexperienced, although I was over 20 when she was born, I hadn't been to a doctor before, just once, when it was confirmed that I was pregnant. I had no doctor, and when the labor started, on the night of Easter Monday, I went to the clinic, but I had no doctor there, so they sent me to the Midwives Institute- I don't know it's current name- which was somewhere in Szilard Rokk Street, and Marika was born there. After the birth, I stayed in the clinic. At that time, one had to stay in bed for a week after childbirth, so one had to recuperate. The second child was born two and a half years later, so I already knew that one had to arrange a doctor in advance. Judit was born in the Baross Street Clinic, my doctor there later worked in Rokus hospital, where I worked.

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