This is my granddaughter Marti, the elder daughter of my daughter Marika. Marti must have been around a year old here, so the picture must have been taken in 1956, I believe, in Budapest. Marti, was born in 1955, Kriszti in 1966. They didn't really care about this, but later they thought, it's either now or never- Marika was 34 at the time- otherwise there wouldn't be any more children. It worked and Kriszti was born after 11 years. I was working the whole time, but I spent a lot of time with the children. Marika and her husband took the children with them when they were smaller, and when they were bigger, they left them with me, and they could go on holidays, go out to the theatre, have evenings out, or celebrate New Year's Eve. I looked after my three grandchildren every New Year's Eve. Marti graduated from the University of Economic Sciences. She has two daughters, both of whom attend university.

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