Armin and Jozefin Schultz

This is my Mom and Dad. The picture was taken in Balassagyarmat, probably at the very beginning of their marriage- in 1911 or 1912. Dad, Armin Schultz was born in 1888, in Balassagyarmat. Dad, I think, graduated from elementary school. He learnt his trade from some tailor in Balassagyarmat. He was a gentleman's tailor. My mom was called Jozefin Oblath. She was born in 1887 in Ovar. I don't know what sort of school she finished. She was a housewife. I heard, that she was very good at sewing, and she used to sew bodices and shirts for peasant women, but she didn't work. I have no idea how she meet my dad. I don't even know where they got married either. I suppose, they must have married in 1910 or 1911, since I was born in 1912. My maiden name is Piroska Schultz. My sister, Etel, who is only 15 months younger than me, was born in 1913, and we had little brother, Pistike, who was eight years younger. My mom was pretty, very pretty, and her twin sister was also very pretty. And very kind, too. She had a bun. She had nice, brown hair, and she wasn't too tall. At home, she never had her hair tied up. Only, when she worked on something like cleaning, or something like that, but not for religious reasons. She wore a long skirt, I know that, and she wore apron on top of it. I don't remember her face so much anymore. It was such a long time ago. Unfortunately, our Mother committed suicide, and she was not the only one in the family. Both my grandfather and my uncle on mother's side committed suicide as well. Others from the Oblath family committed suicide as well, but they were not such close relatives.

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