Milka Spitzer and her family

This is my Dad's sister, Milka, next to her is her husband, Adolf Spitzer (far right). To the right of her is her eldest daughter, Tera, then Janka, then Iren, and the little boy in the front is Miklos. The picture must have been taken around 1912 or 1913, in Budapest. Aunty Milka lived in Budapest. Her husband was a tradesman of some sort, I think. We lived at their place, too, when we moved to Budapest [in 1920]. They lived in Adam Vay Street, on the fourth floor. It was a two-room-and-kitchen flat; it didn't have the modern conveniences. I don't know more, although we even lived there (for a while). I met them later too, but not very often. [During the war] they were probably also in the ghetto. Aunty Milka died after the war. I don't even know, what happened to her. Miklos died in forced labor. The husband of Iren, was Arnold Weinberger, who was Dad's partner, when they had a big workshop in Nepszinhaz Street. He was also a tailor. Janka emigrated to Israel, she still lives there. Up until just a couple of years ago, my sister Etel wrote letters to her from Sydney.

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