Imre Hamos as a little boy

This is my mother-in-law, on the right. In the middle is my husband, Imre and next to him is my mother-in-law's sister, Lina Kohn. The picture must have been taken in 1902 or 1903, in Budapest. One of my mother-in-law's sisters, Aunty Lina became uncle Naci's wife. He worked as a chief accountant for Nepszava, or something like that. He was a socialist. He had three sons. His middle son died of blood poisoning in around 1935. His eldest son died in 1945 of typhus, supposedly due to the typhus injection, his youngest son, Pali still lives in Australia, he is 94 years old. Uncle Naci became ill long before the war; he had heart problems. Aunty Lina must have been in the ghetto. But I don't know, because, at the time of the ghetto, I wasn't at home. My mother-in-law, Eva Kohn, was born in 1872 in Nagypeszek. Before she got married, she worked as a diamond polisher, but that's just what I heard; I don't know any more about her. My husband was born in Budapest in 1899. He was much older than me. His father died in 1914. His mother never remarried.

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