Hana Rayzberg with her son and grandchildren

I'm in the center with my son Lazar and my grandchildren. Mikhail, the older one, is on the left behind me, the younger Alexandr is in the foreground and the middle grandson Yevgeniy is on the right. This photo was taken at our home in Riga on my 65th birthday in 1992.

Lazar got married when he was a student. His wife is Russian. Fortunately, my son has a good wife and a good family. They have three sons. Mikhail was born in 1979, Yevgeniy was born in 1987, and Alexandr was born in 1988. Mikhail did his Masters at the Riga College of Transport Engineers. He specializes in computer engineering. His wife Yelena also finished this college. She is an economist. Their daughter Yulia is three.

Mikhail finished a Jewish elementary school. I insisted on it, emphasizing the closeness of the school to where they lived. Lazar's wife didn’t have any objections to this. Mikhail studied well. When it was time for Mikhail to get his passport, he said he was going to have his Jewish origin indicated in the passport. This was very important for me, but I was concerned that my daughter-in-law would be against it. She didn’t interfere, though. She said this was to be Mikhail's choice. Our younger grandchildren also identify themselves as Jews, though the relevant line item has been removed from passports. Both of them study in the gymnasium.