Hana Rayzberg with her class tutor Ella and schoolmates

This is the 3rd grade of the Jewish school. Our class tutor Ella is the 3rd from the left in the 2nd row. I'm the 1st from the right in the 2nd row. Behind me is my school friend Rieva, now she lives in Australia. We were close friends. Hertz Frank is on the teacher's left. These are all, whose names I remember. This photo was taken in Ludza in 1937.

At the age of six I went to the preparatory grade of the Jewish school. We learned to read and write in Hebrew. We had Hebrew classes every day, and all subjects were taught in Yiddish. I studied in this school for six years. We also had religious classes where we studied the Tannakh and Torah. I did well at school. I had a happy childhood. These were the happiest years in my life. We weren’t quite wealthy and Mama could not afford to buy a piano for me. I attended a music studio where I had classes. I also performed at school parties playing the piano. I played pieces by Brahms and Beethoven.