Hana Rayzberg with her husband Aron Rayzberg and grandson Mikhail

This is my husband Aron Rayzberg and I with our first grandson Mikhail. This photo was taken at our home in Riga in 1979.

Our son got married when he was a student. His wife is Russian. Fortunately, my son has a good wife and a good family. They have three sons. Mikhail was born in 1979, Yevgeniy was born in 1987, and Alexandr was born in 1988.

My husband died in 1985. He felt ill in a tram all of a sudden, but other passengers didn’t pay attention to him. When somebody finally noticed that there was something wrong with him and called the ambulance, it was too late. This was such a tragedy for me! We buried my husband at the Jewish cemetery. There was only me and my elderly blind mother. If it hadn’t been for Mama, I would have died from grief and loneliness. She had a strong will. She supported me and didn’t allow me to cry.