Hana Rayzberg with her relatives

This photo was taken in Riga, when Mama and I were visiting my aunt Slove Dubin. My cousin Hinda Dubin and I hug each other in the foreground. The other girls are Hinda's friends, and I don't remember them. We were photographed during a stroll in Riga in 1940.

Slove, my father’s older sister, got married and moved to her husband in Riga. Her marital name was Dubin. Her husband was Mordukhai Dubin. They had three children. The older one was their daughter Hinda, and after her their son Zalman was born. I don’t remember the name of Slove’s younger son.

My father’s sister Slove Dubin’s family failed to evacuate. They were taken to the Riga ghetto. They were killed in the Rumbula wood. Only their older son Zalman survived.