The funeral of Agi Sofferova's brother Joe in England

This photo was taken at my brother Joe's funeral in Orpington, Great Britain, in 1998. On the upper left is my nephew Peter, and standing beside him is George. Then there's John, and Mary. Sitting in the middle is his wife Peggy, I'm sitting beside her on the left, and behind me is my granddaughter Magda. The rest are my brother Josef's grandchildren. In 1939 or 1940 my brother Josef, or Joe, made it over to England, where he was an aviation electrician in the Air Force. He was born in Mukachevo in 1916. After the war he made a living in England as an electrician, and got married to an Englishwoman, Margaret, who they called Peggy. They had four children together. One son is named George, he's in Canada. Then there's Mary, who lives in England. And then there's John, and then Peter, who lives in Scotland. Joe and Peggy lived in Orpington, which is a small town not far from London. When you take the train from the harbor to London, it stops in Orpington. Even during Communist times I would occasionally go to visit him, my brother always sent me an invitation and they would let me go. He didn't come over to visit us until after the revolution [1989]. He died not long ago, in 1998, also in Orpington.