Agi Sofferova with her sister Jolana Fried and little Veruska

This is a photo from Nyirbátor, where my sister Jolana (Fried, nee Kahan) lived. She's standing on the left, I'm on the right, and in the middle is her little girl, her daughter Veruska. She was petite, here she might have been four years old. This is also an old photo. I used to go visit Jolana occasionally, to regain my strength and so on, when my mother didn't have any money, or there wasn't anything to eat. That year of 1942 was a bad time, there were no vouchers, they didn't give us any. If we did have bread, we ate it with corn or something similar. We were hungry and poverty-stricken, so I used to go there to recuperate a bit, and babysat her child. She was better off than we were. Jolana was my second-oldest sister. She was born around 1903 in Mukachevo - she was about 20 years older than I - and then got married to some man named Fried in Nyirbator, Moric Fried. She had two children with him and died together with them in Auschwitz. Their daughter was named Veruska, she was five or six when they went to the concentration camp. I don't remember the name of the little one-year-old boy anymore. Jolan was a housewife, and her husband was a horse-trader.