Ruzena Jocker with her husband, Emil Jocker

This is my sister Rozika (Ruzena) with Emil Jocker, her husband. She had beautiful teeth, and was very pretty. Once she was even a Miss, she took part in a contest in Mukachevo and was, I think, a runner-up. Emil also looks young here, it's an old photo. It's probably from around 1935 or 1936. Rozika was born in Mukachevo in 1907, but then moved to Znojmo. She bought some sort of business there, and made bras and garter belts. She met Emil Jocker there, who she married. He was also born in 1907. She had only one child. She gave birth to it in Terezin. They then picked her out for a transport to Auschwitz. So she sewed herself a big bag - she and another lady - put the baby to sleep, and took it onto that transport. In Auschwitz my father's sister also took care of the baby. But then they both went into the gas. Rozika also didn't survive the war, she most likely died somewhere in Auschwitz in 1945.