Agi Sofferova with her husband's sisters in Vienna

Here I am with my husband and his two sisters. Trude is on the left, then my husband, I, and on the right is Herma (Kloboucnikova, nee Sofferova). This photograph was taken at Herma's place in Vienna. I don't know who took it. Back then we were there visiting, it's many years ago now, certainly before the revolution. My husband had three sisters, two older ones, Trude and Herta, and a younger one, Herma. Herta lived in Israel in a kibbutz, and died there. Trude, who was the oldest of the siblings, immigrated along with her husband to Chile, where they had three children. But then they also immigrated to Israel, and only their oldest daughter stayed in Chile. Trude died sometime in the 1990s. Then he also had a brother, but he died early on. He got to Israel, on that ship, the Patria, the one that the English didn't want to let in, they did something to the ship and it sank. He got some sort of disease from the water and died.