Egon Lovith's mother-and father-in-law

This is a photo of my wife Margo Lovith's parents, the Breuers. Unfortunately, I don't remember their names. The picture was taken on their wedding day. The photo could have been taken in Debrecen, that's where their children were born. It was a proletarian family. They had five children, two boys: Erno, Sanyi, and three girls: Rozsi, my future wife Margo, and Evi. The mother was a very religious and poor washwoman. She looks very pretty in this photo. The father was either a mason or a decorator and died in Margo's childhood of lung disease and the family slid into destitution. The widowed woman put her two younger daughters into a Jewish girl's boarding school in Budapest. Margo was ten to twelve by then and Evi was five to six years old, and they were living there until the time of the deportation. Rozsi and her mother were deported to Austria. Her mother got sick and died there. Rozsi came back to Budapest.



Egon Lövith

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