Egon and Margo Lovith

This is a slightly staged photo but my wife, Margo Lovith, nee Breuer and me are still funny in it. It was taken sometime in the 1970s. It is the usual Margo face. She was an unchanging person always with a strong character. Margo and I had a deep intimate relationship, almost like in a mother-daughter relationship, which everybody felt around us. We completed each other. Margo's integrity, generosity and hard work captured me. I could feel that this poor seamstress girl was, in fact, a queen. If, by accident, I used a harsher expression, Margo didn't say that I shouldn't have done that, only her expression changed because she always demanded respect. Margo worked as a seamstress at the Unirea, and after that she was in the tailor's department. She was a very good worker and her employers wanted to distinguish her because her background was excellent, in fact it couldn't have been better. They wanted to place her in the class of personnel officer and it didn't matter that she was Hungarian because the only and most important thing was that she had a blue-collar background. But to become a personnel officer one had to be a party member. Margo was hesitant to join the party, and it was more me who wanted it because I was already a member and finally she didn't protested against it. Margo never learned to speak Romanian well. Then she was appointed to be director at the Goga palace - where the Unirea co-operative had a big building. The building that used to be part of the Goga palace was taken away [it was privatized] and they created a worker hostel there but they didn't touch the part of the palace where Octavian Goga lived. His wife, who was an actress, came to really like Margo. She invited Margo for coffee all the time and they chatted a lot. The woman spoke very good Hungarian. On Sundays or when there was no school and I didn't have to teach, I used to visit Margo. She was at the Goga palace non-stop, which disrupted our family life. Margo did this director job until I got upset - after four or five weeks - and then she also got upset - and we requested that she be relieved from the position and moved home.

Photos from this interviewee