7th November procession

The photo was taken on November 7th, 1946. This picture was taken somewhere in Baritiu Street, near the Szamos river. ?Munca si progress?, ?Work and Progress? - this is written on the poster the people are holding. Maybe it was me who drew the picture. I know this Romanian speaking Jewish boy, the one on the left who is carrying the sign. He came from somewhere around Bukovina, but I don't know his name. In the front there is a Jewish guy called Farkas from Mararmarossziget, who, if I remember correctly, was from an orthodox Jewish community. There were a lot of people from Maramarossziget, but they already spoke better Romanian than Hungarian. They were stationed at the apprentice hostel of the orphan youngsters and became workers. Those who returned from the deportation after the war, didn't have any parents left and they lived in an apprentice hostel that was founded by the Democratic Jewish Association. [Editor's note: the Democratic Jewish Association was a Jewish institution, founded after the war that helped the returning Jewish youth.] The Democratic Jewish Youth Organisation was a completely separate organization. A couple of younger guys organized it, who had previously come back from Buchenwald. The DJYO leaders directed lots of kids into work in factories, they were held together. DJYO was in opposition with Zionist organizations, for instance the Gordonia, who were for emigration. The Gordonia was made up of mostly middle class kids. They accepted the vocational training from the DJYO, but still they had a separate organization and promoted emigration to the end.

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