Egon Lovith at the presentation of the book written on him

In 2002 Gabriela Rostas, an editor of Antena 1 television network, wrote a book on me, which was structured in a question-answer format. It also had a little literary value and it more or less summed up my life. The title of the book is Lumea intr-un cartof, The World in a Potato, with Romanian and English text. This book was presented in the banquet hall of Banffy Palace in Kolozsvar in 2002, where this photo was taken. The public is on the other side. I am in the middle, the one with the beret. Right next to me, on my right, is Rostas and next to her is the director of the museum, Alexandra Rus. The fourth from the left is a Romanian painter colleague of mine, the third from left is Dr. Dumitrascu, my doctor who takes care of me and who is an amteur painter. The publisher of the book is the second from left. The first from the left is Zoli Pattantyus. His grandfather and I went to the Institute of Fine Arts together but I have also known his father since our childhood. When Zoli was admitted to the Institute of Fine Arts his parents sent him to me. They wanted me to be his mentor and we did indeed develop a good relationship. He had a marvelous character and he is very helpful to me and I try to share my knowledge with him. In 2000 or 2001, I bought a car but I can't drive anymore and I asked Zoli to drive me around. We even agreed at the notary that I would lend him the car for three years. He takes care of me and also helps me with my groceries: every other day he brings food from the Jewish canteen. He also shops for me when I need something and he brings me to the doctor or to the hospital. In the same year, two or three months after the book was published, I received an award. One of the leaders of the Jewish community visited me with a delegation from Bucharest - I think his name is Dorin Dorel and he is a well-known Romanian writer but he also published in Jewish papers - and he brought me the award. Marton Izsak and I received the award at the same time. They invited both of us to Bucharest but neither of us went. He was 90 years old and I was 80. So, they had to come to us. The ceremony was at 8pm in Marosvasarhely and two hours later they came here to Kolozsvar. This was the first time I participated in an event like this; they say a few words about what an excellent artist the person is. The award is engraved with the words 'for his life achievement'. 'This is the personal award of the Union of Romanian Jewish Communities. It is an award of excellence and speciality for the sculptor Egon Lovith for all his contributions, Dr. Nicolae Cajan and Aurel Iulian attorney.'

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