Sinto Kohen and his grandson Reni

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This is my brother Sinto Kohen and his grandson Reni but to my regret I don't know anything about Reni. The picture was taken in 1986 in Tel Aviv.

We were four children: my eldest sister Milka Beniamin Revah (nee Kohen) was born on 13th April 1921 in Samokov; my elder brother Sinto Beniamin Kohen was born on 2nd January 1923 in Samokov and my younger brother Miko Beniamin Kohen was born on 26th June 1926, also in Samokov. We have always been best friends. The four of us were born in Samokov where we studied in the same school (there was no other high school). I remember that we all loved going to school and to the Sunday school. Besides, we always had a lot of books at home, on secular or religious topics. We, the children, loved reading aloud sitting together with our parents, which did not happen very often because my parents were very busy. We lived in a small house in Samokov. We were about 10 people: my parents with their four children, my maternal grandparents, uncle and aunt, and their children. Our house had two rooms and a kitchen. We did not have a bathroom. We did not have electricity, nor running water. We used an ordinary wood-burning stove to warm the house. We got water from the faucet outside, even in the winter. The faucet was quite far from our house.

I remember that my brother Sinto as a child played a mouth the mouthorgan, and later - an accordion. My little brother Miko had inherited my father's talent and sang very well. I also played the violin when I was in high school. So, we made some merry concerts at home, in which everybody took part. Later my brother Sinto was studying medicine in Bulgaria and became a famous doctor. He has a son and a daughter, so at that moment they are in Israel with their children. To my great regret I don't have other information about them.

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Sofia, Bulgaria


Sinto Kohen
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Manual laborer
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